Steiff 036293 110th Anniversary PB55

Steiff 036293 110th Anniversary PB55

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Steiff celebrates the 110th anniversary of the Teddy Bear with this half-size version of the original PB55. Steiff challenged the designers to re-imagine this classic. We asked them to explore the essence of the design. Their results are truly extraordinary. The 110th Anniversary PB 55 is made from dark brown, slightly curly mohair. Whereas the original PB55 had a sealing wax nose, the Anniversary edition´s is hand-stitched. To simulate the glossy effect of sealing wax, Steiff´s artisans carefully applied candle wax to the nose and hand polished it. The mouth stitching is still made from the same strong, waxed Saddler thread as used 110 years ago. Of course, the anniversary edition has the unique five-claw stitching. Own a true piece of history - the 110th anniversary PB limited edition. Steiff 110th Anniversary PB 55 EAN 036293 is 26cm tall, with loosely jointed head and limbs and he is a limited edition of 1902 pieces.






Please note: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only


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